At Home Beginner Programme

This Beginner Specified Exercise Plan is designed to get you healthier, fitter and stronger than every before, all from the safety of your own home. Each session throughout the programme comes with a video demonstrating each exercise, helping you every step of the way and providing alternatives if you are struggling at any stage. You will also get access to a Warm-up, Cooldown and Daily Mobility routine and diet tips.

This plan is recommended for those who have a basic fitness level but want to work toward a healthier lifestyle and physique. You must be able to walk without issue to use this plan. If you have any concerns about your ability to exercise you should consult a GP before beginning a new programme.

You will require a light set of dumbbells (2-6kg), a glute resistance band, bathroom scales, a yoga mat, comfortable clothing, a step or seat and a backpack to fully utilise the programme.