The Lifestyle Transformation Programme

My signature programme designed to kickstart your dream healthy lifestyle

Thomas Starmore Personal Trainer

Lifestyle Transformation Programme

In depth 6 month fitness and lifestyle programme designed to take you from a gym beginner to a healthy and happy gym expert who has found their passions in life.

Phase 1 - Kickstart

Learn the basics of training beginning and implement healthy habits that last a lifetime.

We will begin by tracking your strength and fitness levels through tests at the start and end of this phase, while also looking at your every day life and what your body specifically needs to improve.

Lifestyle Transformation Hub App

The Lifestyle Transformation Hub App will be your side kick every step of the way.

Giving you scheduling and video tutorials for every workout, habit and activity during the programme while also being a space to connect with your coach and every client who is on the journey with you.

Phase 2 - Level Up

After learning the basics of exercise and building your every day routine it's time to learn functional complex exercises and take your nutrition to the next level.

This phase will be dominated by learning the olympic strength movements while also mastering the strength the move your bodyweight.

Your Coach

I will be with you every step of the way pushing you, giving you advice and being there for you when it's needed on our journey.

You have 24/7 access through the app to message me while also having a weekly check in call to keep you on the right track at all times.

Phase 3 - Transformation

The final phase is all designed around achieving your transformational goal while setting the healthy standards that you will follow for a lifetime.


You are dreaming of a change in your lifestyle but just don't know how to take the next step. Low on confidence but high on ambition this programme is for gym beginners with a busy life.


Gordon Horne

Over 3 years of training Gordon we have gone beyond a PT / Client relationship and have found a friendship that will last a life time. When we started training Gordon had hardly ever touched a weight and had never found enjoyment from training, now I can't keep him out of the gym. He has managed to build his deadlift from 70kg all the way up to 180kg and build his fitness levels up to a point when he could complete a circuit to where he is now running a full 5k.

There has been a complete physical change in Gordon but mostly importantly he has found a confidence that he never knew he had. In 2022 I was lucky enough to attend Gordon's wedding to Tracy and to find out from those in attendance how much of a positive change he has made is inspirational. It doesn't stop there for Gordon either, he is determined to keep improving and building himself up for a lifestyle of health and happiness. One of our main aims not is to complete Tough Mudder and raise money for a charity that is very close to his heart


Kirsty Stronach

Kirsty's 7 month postpartum journey is incredible and is the definition of our lifestyle transformation. She is not only an amazing mum to our daughter Amelia but has been able to bring back her energy, physique and strength while most importantly getting that all important self care time which is so hard to find as a parent.

She has fought through the early struggles of coming to terms with her fitness and strength and been able to focus on recovery for the first 3 months. Once she was back in the groove there was no stopping her as she's quickly developed her strength even beyond where it was pre baby.

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If you are dreaming of achieving this transformation on your lifestyle but not sure if you are ready or able to commit to the programme why not try my FREE 5 Day Kickstart Challenge.

The 5 day challenge will help you implement healthy habits to start your lifestyle transformation while giving you 3 workout routines to kickstart your confidence and show what is possible in a short amount of time.

I also offer a free challenge review call to go over your achievements and worries to help set out your next steps.

In person Coaching

£135 - £1150

Online Coaching

£115 - £600