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Diet Tips

The dreaded diet ... always the area of worry and struggle. The most important part of a diet is that you enjoy and look forward to whatever food you prepare and eat. It plays such an important role in maintaining a positive outlook and staying happy and motivated.

We want to keep your diet simple and effective. Many fad diets found online promise quick results but either have you eating zero carbs or only drinking smoothies for the entire day. The shock that this extreme change will have on your body will lead to an immediate weight loss but sadly it will mostly be water that’s lost. This weight will soon be put back on as it is not a sustainable eating schedule. What we want to achieve together is a diet that is enjoyable and easy to fit into your everyday life, while also being healthy and balanced.

Thomas Starmore Personal Trainer

Dietary Tips

  • Meal prep:
    Prepping your meals, especially when you are working, is the easiest way to stay healthy while having the food you really enjoy. Shopping is the first stage of cooking so it is essential to have a clear plan of what you intend to make; then you can shop accordingly. If you don't do this then mealtimes may see you going for the easy option, such as a takeaway or something unhealthy.
  • Real food over supplements:
    It is tempting to swap out real food for food replacement drinks or protein shakes, but actual food is always the best way of giving your body the nutrients it requires.
  • Never skip meals:
    We want to get as much good food as possible within our calorie budget. The more food we are able to get in while still staying active the higher your metabolism will be. Your body will be more efficient and therefore healthier.
  • Allow a treat:
    Allow yourself a treat once in a while – something that you really enjoy. Otherwise you could become depressed with what you are eating and end up relapsing or eating badly for a sustained period. Make your own fakeaways – pizza with your own healthy topping, egg fried rice to cover that Chinese craving, or a home made curry if you're feeling adventurous.
  • Snacking:
    Everyone's shortfall with a healthy diet always seems to come when the thought of snacking hits. It is vital that you come up with healthy snack options. If you crave crisps then try going for flavoured rice cakes or mini flatbreads instead. Healthier snacks could be fruit and yoghurt which fill you up with a lot of volume of food while being light on calories
Thomas Starmore Personal Trainer